626 Drift


Private events:
626Drift is available for booking for your private motorsport events.

Car rentals:
Car rentals are only available for educational purposes. They are used to teach the fundamental understanding of special skilled driving.
The 626DRIFT Nissan 240sx S13 hatch is available for our beginner classes, rates start at $550 per day! Please contact us for more details.

Helmet rentals:
When you are on the track, our insurance requires us to enforce the usage of safety helmets. For people who are not seasoned racers, it may not be very efficient to spend $200+ on a helmet that you might only use once. We are limited on helmet sizes, please check with us if you are looking to rent a helmet.

Drift instructors:
We have special highly qualified experienced drivers that are skilled at teaching the fundamentals of drifting and car handling. At our public events, our instructors are present to help free of charge! However, if you want to be more one on one with your instructor, we also offer private events that will maximize your learning experience in 1 day.

Drifting school:
In addition to our highly skilled staff. We offer a friendly environment for you to learn how to drift. Our events offers beginner classes, and everyone learn at their own pace.

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