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626DRIFT S13 240sx

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My track prep S13 240 hatch. Proper drift car.
This car has been built for the sole purpose of drifting. 

All the stock arms has been replaced with pillow ball bearing arms from Megan Racing.
It is equipped with Megan Racing's track series coilovers
The car has a bucket seat/3" inch cam lock harness to hold the driver in during hard corning. Properly mounted on a real hardness bar. Bride FG rails for maximum lowest seating position.
Besides the dash, center console, seats, and steering wheel; the interior is completed gutted for extra weight saving purposes. Very cleanly stripped, the interior was also sprayed with rustoleum to make sure that rust does not get to the exposed metal.

Engine is a S13 blacktop SR20DET from a later model 180sx. The engine is 100% stock with minor exhaust upgrade(turbo outlet/elbow, downpipe, test pipe, catback, all 3")

Under the car, I've upgrade to 5 lug with brand new wheel bearings from ichiba. Ichiba 25mm spacers to fill in the wide body. The new XXR 527 wheels are 17x9.75 wide.
I've been playing with the suspension and tire size on this car. Found the best setup for the engine output and suspension modifications. This drift machine is a good start for anyone whos interested in
The car is in great mechanical condition. The exterior is a little beat, dings and scratches. I am selling it at a great price for what it is. $6500 if you wish to buy it. Contact info is in the contact tab.

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The RX-7 FD

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Mazda RX-7 FD,   With specification that Looks great on paper, and even better in person, the last real  no-compromise sports car  made by Mazda. It's a shame that they don't make cars like this anymore. In a world of Skyline GTRs, Honda NSX, and Toyota Supras, one would say this little rotary machine would most definitely give them a run for their money.

Not just a car that dominates the track for time attack and road racing, it is also a fierce competitor in the world of drifting. With its light weight body, weight distributing, and structural rigidity. Hands down, one of the best platform Japan has to offer for any type of motorsports.

Equipped with The 13B-REW was the first-ever mass-produced sequential twin-turbocharger system to export from Japan, boosting power to 252 hp in 1993 . Still a contender on the street even today(18 years later).

Here we have a 1993 Mazda Rx-7, manual transmission. 134k miles. Original paint. Clean title. Stock motor, stock suspension, stock wheels.
Only asking $11,880  for this esteemed classic.



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So you like to chill at the desert huh? Perfect!
Its another showdown in the west.626DRIFT PRESENTS TOPGUN DRIFT 2011
Entry fee: $85
... I cant get the FB time to change to the correct time,
Drivers check in/Tech at 7am
Event ends at 4pmWinner will get
a free set of wheels from Varrstoen 2.2.1 or 2.2.2.
Godspeendproject will be giving out $200 to spend on GSP products!
HPS Silicon Hoses will be giving out spending cash on HPS products!
http://www.hiprospeed.com/Confirmed Media coverage:
JDM GLAM: www.facebook.com/jdmglam
Nguyenvbui Photography: http://nguyenvbui.wordpress.com/

Free Food for the drivers and pitcrew courtesy of
God Provides Ministry's Food Bank

More info TBA.

Sign up here:
Or you can find us at the 626 meets in Alhambra on Friday nights as well!

Want extra practice time, check out the SSG event on Sat Nov 5th:
Stay tuned by being a fan on facebook www.facebook.com/626drift
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SuiSlide Girls drift event at the Balcony Nov 5. 2011

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SSG Nov drift event 2011

Sign up: http://626drift.com/registration/

More Info: http://suislidegirls.tumblr.com/

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SuiSlide Girls Drift Event: April 30, 2011, Saturday!!!

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SuiSlide Girls, with our friends from 626 Drift, is having a drift event at WSIR Balcony at April 30, 2011. We are inviting everyone (especially the ladies) to come drift with us! Learn the basics, practice your donuts, practice the course or have fun doing tandem! Come join the SuiSlide Girls and the 626 Drift Crew and have fun burning up tires!!

UPDATE: Ex Formula D driver Quoc Ly will be instructing at this event! Come and meet Quoc Ly on April 30th! And there will be free food for all the drivers!
When: April 30, 2011 Saturday
Where: Balcony track, WSIR Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA
Girls: $80
Guys: $85 if you preregister by April 28, $100 if you register afterwards.
We are limiting the amount of drivers to 20 drivers only.

How to register:
Please contact Denise at suislidegirls@yahoo.com or Jackson at jackson@626drift.com. You can find us at the 626 meets in Alhambra on Friday nights as well!

Hit the Registration page to sign up!


May Mayhem @ WSIR HTM May 22, 2011

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May Mayhem 2011