626 Drift


A small car meet of 240sx enthusiasts started in 2005 in the City of Arcadia, California. From this little car meet born what is now know as 626Drift.

626DRIFT is my ongoing project for my love of cars, drifting, and bring it's community together.

626DRIFT is an organization that put drift events together. At these events, the drivers that sign up get to learn and practice drifting with their cars. We are continuously working with our venue to make sure our driver get the best service for their money. Drifting is still a growing community. With the popularity of drifting playing a big role in pop culture, I believe 626DRIFT will make its mark on the world in due time. -Jackson of 626Drift

Track rules at 626Drift:

  1. Always clean up after yourself, throw away your trash. Respect the track and help us keep it clean.
  2. Respect other driver's turns. We usually let each driver 3 laps at balcony, taking extra laps is unacceptable.
  3. When the track is hot(cars are running), drivers and passengers must stay in their cars unless asked by a staff to do other wise.
  4. You are not allow to come into the track from the staging area when the track is hot(unless you are signaled by a staff to do other wise).
  5. No one should be running across the track at any given time unless there are no cars on track. If you need something picked up, please ask a staff member for help.
  6. When your car malfunctions or stops operating while the track is out, stay in the car until you are told other wise by a staff member.
  7. We have 3 flags on the track, Green for go, Red for stop, and Blue to signal you that your turn or session is over. Please pay attention to the flag at all times for your safety and the safety of others.

Tech. Inspection Requirements:

  1. You must have at least a DOT approved helmet. But Snell Approved helmets are highly recommended.
  2. Cars must have working seat belts and mounted at the proper places.
  3. Cars should be free of any visible leaks. It can become a fire hazard or make a mess on the track.
  4. All wheels should be properly secured
  5. Battery properly tied down and covered.
  6. Seats should be properly mounted.
  7. We encourage that you do not have any parts or body panels dangling. We are not responsible for any damage on the track.

The reason why we have these rules and inspections is for all the drivers. We want to make sure you have fun at the track in a safe environment. So please make sure your vehicle is not a hazard to yourself or anyone on track. Make sure it's reliable enough so it wouldn't constantly stop the track. We want to make sure everyone get the max amount of track time.


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